Samsung a71 hidden featuresSamsung recently launched the Galaxy A71, a new A-series smartphone. The phone’s 64MP Camera is a market sensation. The Galaxy A71 has several intriguing new features to help you with daily tasks. So, today we are ready with Samsung Galaxy A71 secrets. Samsung a71 hidden features.

Samsung a71 hidden features & Tricks

Various hidden features of the Samsung A71 can make it easier for you. the following are some of the features that we have presented to you.

1. Hide Apps

The Samsung Galaxy A71 has a hidden app space. You can hide apps from prying eyes. You can also unhide apps whenever you want. Home Screen >> Settings >> Hide Apps to access Samsung’s hidden space. Now you can hide any program you wish to. Unhide an app by deselecting it in the Hide Apps option.

2. Camouflage frontal

The Samsung Galaxy A71 sports a punch-hole camera in the top center that may obstruct your view of YouTube videos or movies. Thankfully, that can hide it. Go to Settings >> Display >> Full screen apps >> Hide front camera. Hide the front Camera and enable it. This option adds a black bar to the top of the screen, hiding the front Camera.

3. The scanner in the Display

The Galaxy A71 has an in-display fingerprint scanner. The fast and accurate fingerprint reader unlocks your smartphone simply by touching the lock screen. This phone’s fingerprint scanner is a must. Go to Settings >> Biometrics and Security >> Fingerprints >> Add fingerprint and register.

4. Assistant Menu

This feature is for people with disabilities. With the Assistant menu option enabled, you can swipe or tap to reach all physical buttons and parts of the screen. Go to Home screen >> Settings >> Accessibility >> Enable Assistant Menu. Select Interaction and Dexterity. Now enable the Assistant Menu.

5. Status Bar Battery %

The battery percentage is not displayed by default. To show the rate in the status bar, you must enable it in the settings. Then go to Settings >> Notifications >> Status Bar and turn on “Show Battery Percentage.” Enabling this option shows the remaining battery % on the left side of the battery icon.

6. Mode One-Handed

The A71’s 6.9-inch Display makes it challenging to use with one hand. But, thanks to OneUI, you can use the Samsung Galaxy A71 one-handed. This feature allows you to reduce the screen size. To use one-handed mode, Turn on One-handed mode under Advanced Features >> Motion & Gestures >> One-handed mode.

7. Gallery Albums Hidden

A71 also lets you hide photographs and albums from the Gallery. This feature prevents others from viewing your images and videos. Open the Gallery app >> Hide or Unhide albums by tapping the three dots in the top right corner. After that, select the albums you want to conceal. They will remain hidden until you unhide them.

8. Dual Messages

Nowadays, most smartphones include Dual Messenger, including Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, and Oppo. Dual Messenger allows you to use multiple accounts for WhatsApp or Snapchat. The Galaxy A71 has the same feature. Select the apps you want to clone in Settings >> Advanced features >> Dual Messenger.

9. Palm Swipe To Screenshot

OneUI provides a variety of handy gestures for quick action. On A71, you can take a screenshot by simply swiping your Palm across the screen. Go to Settings >> Advanced Features >> Motion and Gestures >> Turn on Palm Swipe to Capture.

10. Palm Photo

The A71 takes images without pressing the shutter button when showing your Palm. When you can’t reach the shutter button, show the Camera your Palm, and it will capture the photo. Go to Camera>> Camera Settings >> Shooting techniques >> Show Palm and enable it.

11. Navigation Gestures

The A71 navigation gestures enable you to remove the navigation bar and free up the screen real estate. They allow you to traverse the interface more naturally. Go to Settings >> Display >> Navigation Bar and select Full-screen gestures.

12. To Wake Up Double Tap

The A71’s Ambient Display gives you notifications, battery %, and date and time. You can also wake the phone with your finger or face. The double-tap to wake feature is useful when pressing the power key to wake the screen. Go to Settings >> Advanced Features >> Motion and Gestures >> Double Tap to Wake Up. Double-tap to activate the option.

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13. Enable Flashlight Alerts

The Flashlight notifications feature is handy when your phone is silent and in a dark area. This feature flashes the LED when you get phone calls or messages. On the camera flash and screen flash options, go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Advanced settings >> Flashlight notification.

14. Power/Volume Shortcut

The Power and Volume keys on Galaxy A71 allow rapid access to accessibility options. These keys can access the device’s accessibility features, including magnification and voice assistant. Toggle on the option under Settings >> Accessibility >> Advanced settings >> Power and Volume Up buttons.

15. Allow Dark Mode

The Samsung Galaxy A71 has a built-in dark mode that makes the UI darker. Contacts and Dialer are likewise forced into dark mode. Go to Settings >> Display >> Night Mode to enable it. This solution will help you sleep better at night.


Other Samsung galaxy A71 5g tips.

How to factory reset Samsung Galaxy A71 5G?

Follow the steps below to delete all unneeded data such as apps, media, and system files.
1. First, hold power and volume down buttons for a few seconds.
2. When the screen light goes out, let go of the volume down button while holding the power button.
3. When you see the SAMSUNG logo, release all buttons.
Then press the power key to finalize the wipe data/factory reset.
5. Press the Volume button to select Factory Data Reset and the Power button to confirm.
Choose Reboot System Now using the volume button and confirm with the Power key.

Reset Galaxy A71 5G to factory settings
How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
1. Open the Settings icon.
2. Select General Management.
3. Pick Reset
• Factory Data Reset
4. Tap the Reset button on the screen.
5. Tap the Delete button to complete the factory reset.
6. Confirm with Erase Data.

On Samsung Galaxy A71 5G, add a fingerprint.
Follow these instructions to enable fingerprint protection on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G.
1. Open the Settings app.
2. Select Biometrics and security.
3. Select Fingerprints.
4. Tap the Next button.
• Pattern, PIN, or Password
Draw the pattern and press continue, then redraw the design and press confirm.
Stay on the fingerprint sensor now and enroll in the finger recognition method.
8. When finished, tap Done.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy A71 5G with a password?

Follow these instructions to set a password on your Samsung Galaxy A71 5G.
1. Open the Settings app.
Then touch on the Lock Screen to open it 2.
3. Select Screen Lock Type.
4. Choose a lock screen method that suits you.
• Pattern, PIN, or Password
When the lock screen pattern technique is selected, draw the pattern and redraw it.
7. Finally, tap Done.

How to stop calls on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G?

Follow these instructions to ban or block any number on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G.
1. Open Phone Dialer 2. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.
3. Open it with Settings.
Open Block Numbers by tapping it.
5. Tap on the Block phone number and input the desired number.
6. Now tap on (+) to block the number.

Where can I get a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G?

Follow these instructions to change the language on your Samsung Galaxy A71 5G.
1. Open the Settings app.
2. Tap General Management to select it.
3. Select Language.
4. Select a language from the Add Language menu.
5. Now tap the Set as default button. you added the language

How to turn on dark mode on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G?

1. Open the Settings app.
2. Display
3. Select “Dark mode.”
4. Bravo! Now in dark mode.

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How to locate Samsung Galaxy A71 5G IP address?

Follow these methods to find IP on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G.
1. Open the Settings app.
3. Select Status to find IP Address

How to discover Samsung Galaxy A71 5G IMEI?

Follow these procedures to find IMEI on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G.
1. Open the Settings app.
3. Select Status to IMEI details

Don’t disturb on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G?

How to enable Do Not Disturb on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
1. Open the Settings app.
2. Tap on Notifications.
Do not Disturb tab
4. Enable the Do Not Disturb slider.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G has lost contacts or data.
If you have mistakenly deleted a number and wish to recover it, you can use EaseUS MobiSaver. This utility can also restore movies, photos, MP3s, and SMS. This utility may also backup your computer’s data.

How to reset Samsung Galaxy A71 5G PIN code?

Remembering the PIN Code twice will result in the SIM banning the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. Contact your service provider for a PUK code to unblock your Samsung Galaxy A71 5G.

How to reset Samsung Galaxy A71 5G security password?

If you have forgotten your Samsung Galaxy A71 5G security password, you can do a Hard Reset, but you will lose all data on your device.

Quicken my Samsung Galaxy A71 5G?

Make your Samsung Galaxy A71 5G quick in numerous ways.
1. Clean up unused applications. Delete any downloaded apps or data you no longer need.
2. Uninstall preloaded apps These pre-installed apps take up space and slow down your phone.
Transfer all media files from internal storage to external memory
4. Keep your phone updated. Updated firmware improves performance and resolves most problems that cause smartphone latency.
5. Restart your smartphone every day.
• Perform a factory reset on your phone if it still lags.

How to Update Galaxy A71 5G?

Follow these instructions to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy A71 5 G’s firmware.
1. Open the Settings app.
Tap Software Update at the bottom.
3: Now, click on the download now option to get the latest software update
4. Now, hit on Update Now to update the device.
5. Phone will restart, do not close while updating (While updating, make sure your smartphone needs to be at least 70 percent charged)

Fixing a non-starting Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Try these methods if your Samsung Galaxy A71 5G won’t power on.
1. Connect the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G to the charger and the electric current to rule out a battery issue.
2. If your phone turns on, excellent; if not, you can now rest on it.
3. If the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G does not respond to a factory reset, it has a battery, motherboard, or screen issue.
4. With no other options, proceed to the service center.

How to save Samsung Galaxy A71 5G from water damage if it falls in?

Check out these Samsung Galaxy A71 5G water-resistance recommendations.
The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is susceptible to internal short circuits if submerged in water and then turned on.
2. Don’t try to charge your phone
3. Don’t try to test all the buttons.
Do not use the charging or audio ports.
5. Do not use hair dryers or microwaves to remove water.
6. If your phone is still on, turn it off.
Water wiping with a cloth
8. Dry the rear cover, SIM card, and memory card with a cloth.
Then use a vacuum cleaner instead of a hairdryer to dry the back cover, SIM, and memory card. The vacuum provides reverse suction, preventing further water entry.
10. After removing water, store the phone in a bag of uncooked rice for 2 days. Instead of uncooked rice, use silica packets.
11. After 2 days, take the phone out and check for moisture. If there is none, turn it on.

So, these are some Samsung a71 hidden features and tricks to improve your user experience. Comment below and share it with your friends and family on social media. Please see our other posts for more tech news.


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