One of the best Samsung phones in the world is the Galaxy A series. It has good hardware specs and a price that most people can afford. Last year, Samsung released a few new Galaxy A series, including the A32 series, which is suitable for everyday use. One helpful feature of smartphones is taking screenshots, which lets you quickly save the information on the screen. For new users of the Samsung A32, here is how to take a screenshot.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Samsung A32

Even if you’ve used a Samsung A32 before, you might not know how to take a screenshot. There are several ways to do this. Here is the full answer.

1. Using Palm Swipe

The Palm Swipe to Capture feature is an excellent way to take a screenshot, only available on Samsung Android phones. Not all Samsung phones have this feature since the South Korean company only puts it in its mid-range and higher smartphones.

The Samsung A32 has a feature that lets you take screenshots with a palm swipe. Here’s how to use it:

1) Open the Settings menu first.
2) Next, click on the “Advanced” button.
3) On the page with the advanced features, choose the Motions and gestures menu.
4) After that, turn on the Palm swipe to capture.
5) Find the area you want to capture.
6) Put your fingers together to look like a knife, and move them from left to right or right to left on your screen.
Then you can see the results in the gallery on your device.


2. The physical button for combining

For this first method, you may have used it a lot on other phones you’ve had in the past. Yes, physical button screenshots are handy and can be used on almost all Android-based smartphones.

The most common method to take a screenshot is to use a combination of physical buttons. Here are the steps:
1) On the Samsung Galaxy A32, find the area you want to take a picture.
2) Hold down both the power button and the volume down button for a few seconds.
3) The Screenshot is successful when the shutter sound is heard, and the screen flashes.
4) The Screenshot image will automatically show up in the notification menu, and you can get to it right away.
But you can also look at the pictures in the Gallery program.

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3. How to use the Help menu

Samsung A32, in addition to the events listed above, there is also an assistant menu that makes it easier to take screenshots. Here’s how to turn it on:
1) Click on the Settings button
2) Go to the menu called “Accessibility.”
3) Next, go to the menu called “Interaction and agility.”
4) Then, use one of the options to open the Assistant menu.
5) When the Samsung Galaxy A32 is turned on, the Assistant menu will float on the screen.
6) You can choose which part of the screen to capture.
7) Once the Screenshot area has been chosen, choose the Assistant menu that is floating above the screen.
8) In the pop-up menu, you can choose Screenshot.
9) There will be a shutter sound, and the screen will flash.
10) You can see the screenshot picture right away by going to the notification menu or the Gallery app.
So many people have talked about how to take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy A32. Hopefully, the information is helpful and adds to what you already know.

4. Ask Google Assistant

In the new “A” series of phones, Samsung lets users use Google Assistant instead of Bixby. Before you can do this, you have to set up your Google Assistant. After that, do the following:
1) Click on “Settings.”
2) Voice Assistance
3) Google.
4) Click on the gear.
After setting up your phone, you can take a screenshot by holding down the Home button for a long time and telling Google Assistant to do it. Once you’ve taken a screenshot, you can share it or save it.

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5. Menu Accessibility

Yes, you can also take screenshots with the Accessibility menu. To make it work, do the following:
1) Click “Settings.”
2) Getting to it.
3) Put in place services.
4) Menu Accessibility
5) Click on Reservoir.
After you turn this feature on, you’ll get a stick figure icon next to the navigation buttons to use them. If you click on the icon, you’ll get a list of choices. You can choose a screenshot from the list.

6. How to use the app

1) App Screenshot Easy
• first, Go to the Play Store and get the Screenshot Easy app.
• You can do many things besides Screenshot Only, such as Screen Recorder, Sitewide Page Capture, and Scroll Capture.
• You can see this app in the Notification Bar after installing it. If you tap “Capture,” your phone will take a picture of the current screen.
• More than 10 million people have downloaded this app, which has a rating of 4.5 and only 4.7 MB of space.

2) App Touch Screenshot
• first, Go to the Play Store and get the Screenshot Touch app.
• This is the same as the first application. But the Assistive Touch menu made it easy for me to use. When you tap on that Logo, a list of choices will show up.
• More than 10 million people have downloaded this app, which has a rating of 4.6 and only 5.2 MB of space.

3) App Touch Master

• first, Go to the Play Store and get the TouchMaster (Auxiliary Touch) app.
• There are many Touch Assistants, but they are full of features you don’t want. This app can help us do our work while taking up less space.
• More than 1 million people have downloaded this app with a 4.5 rating.