Galaxy watch 4 issues-Earlier this year in August, Samsung debuted the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which marked the first devices to run Wear OS 3, Google’s operating system built in collaboration with the company. Some users will be left out in the cold by the exclusivity of these timepieces, even though they contain a slew of unique features. Some of the Galaxy Watch 4’s disappointing limitations, like compatibility restrictions and missing functionality, are included in the package.

Intriguing for Samsung and possibly other Android devices.

If you already own a Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy Watch 4 is an easy decision to make. There are no options available to iPhone users. Minor annoyances may accumulate overtime for other Android users as well. If the Galaxy Watch 4’s incompatibility and the other difficulties listed above are enough to make you rethink its price tag, it is entirely up to you and your financial situation. Currently, two businesses have joined forces to develop a competitor to the Apple Watch, which is remarkable. Rather than being inaccessible, it is more challenging to get by.

When it comes to the Galaxy Watch 4, Google Assistant is not available (yet)

Even though the Galaxy Watch 4 is a product of the Google/Samsung dream combination, the search giant wasn’t given the top priority at the time of its launch. Although it has been months since Google Assistant was first made available, users will find Google Maps and Google Play Store. With Bixby as our default assistant, we’re in good shape. Bixby has failed to gain traction in the same way that other voice assistants have, and it is unable to compete with Google Assistant in terms of user adoption.

According to the company, Google Assistant and other popular Google services are integrated into Samsung’s products. On the other hand, users grow restless, and conspiracy theories abound. While we remain hopeful that that will not remove the functionality from consideration entirely, Others believe that Samsung is merely developing the most excellent version possible, which is a reasonable assumption. Whether that is the case or the corporation experiencing other difficulties, the outcome is the same: we are still waiting for something. A subsequent release of Google Assistant is expected. However, no specific date has been set.


Android users also experience galaxy Watch 4 limitations.

Put the brakes on your purchasing cart unless you already possess a Samsung phone or are about to put a Galaxy S22 in your basket. Not every Android user will be able to take advantage of the Galaxy Watch 4’s health-tracking features in total.

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Our Galaxy Watch 4 review includes a discussion of Samsung’s BioActive sensor, which combines an optical heart rate sensor (PPG), an electrocardiogram (ECG), and a bioelectrical impedance sensor (BIA). The watch’s health-tracking capabilities, on the other hand, are limited to pairing with a Samsung smartphone. All other Android users will not be able to access the measurements, including the ECG, which is only available through the Samsung Health Monitor app, which is not included. Additionally, only Samsung devices can take blood pressure readings.

Certain health features, including some of the most anticipated, are accessible on all Android handsets, including the Nexus 5. User-friendly features such as the BIA sensor, a highlight of the gadget, allow users to calculate body composition parameters. BMR, water retention, skeletal muscle mass, and body fat percentage are all factors to consider when determining body composition. Those who use an Android device can get these readings and their SpO2 and VO2 max.

iPhones are not compatible with these devices.

As a departure for Samsung galaxy watches four issues, this is a significant step forward. Previously, Galaxy Watches and prior Wear OS watches were compatible with iPhones. Furthermore, while most iPhone users are likely to purchase Apple Watches, the lack of iOS support prevents these gadgets from being used as an alternative to the smartphone. It also begs whether future Wear OS 3 watches will be compatible with iPhones or if it is only Samsung’s watches (which include the Samsung One UI overlay) that are incompatible with Apple’s smartphones. These watches will also not function with cellphones that do not support GMS. As a result, most Huawei phones are no longer supported in the last few years.

Unfortunately, the constraints do not end with non-Android phones. Instead, they continue.

Fixing charging problems with your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is simple.

To prepare for more thorough troubleshooting tips, ensure you complete the procedures outlined in this article. Frequently, restarting the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 device will resolve the issue. For any gadget, the same is true.

Charge your Galaxy Watch 4 and smartphone until fully charged before wearing them. We don’t require that they be set entirely, but we recommend having at least 80% battery life to minimize power problems later on.

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Ensure that your smartwatch and smartphone have been properly restarted before proceeding. It will offer you a fresh start and allow you to address any minor difficulties that may have occurred previously.

Describes how to resolve charging issues with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Do you have a problem with charging your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4? It is possible to recharge the wearable’s battery through wireless means. In contrast, this method occasionally encounters issues similar to those experienced by any other gadget on the market.


  1. Assuming you have a wall-mounted watch charger, make sure it is connected to the power outlet.
  2. Inspect the charger and charging cable for signs of wear or damage. As a result, if you have access to another charger or cable, do so. If your phone has reverse charging or wireless power-sharing capabilities, you can experiment with it.
  3. Do you have any reason to believe that the wall plug is the source of the issue? Examine the pin to see whether any other devices are connected.
  4. Make sure that the back of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and its charging dock is clean and clear of debris.

Another customer who screamed that upgrading to a new Samsung phone would fix his problem, in the long run, said: “It’s a device problem.”

“I’ve only had the watch for a week, and I’m experiencing the same issue. ” Sim not provisioned; error with number sync, according to the device’s display screen under consideration. The Note 9 will be compatible. “It appears like I will have to update to a newer Galaxy smartphone.”

A response was eventually provided, although it came from a member of the Samsung community rather than the original poster:

If you want to upgrade, you may want to wait till Samsung fixes the problem. If you’re going to upgrade, I can’t tell you because I have a Galaxy Watch 4 and a Note20 Ultra, so I’m not sure whether doing so will solve your problem.”

As a result, users who swap their phones for the latest model(galaxy watch 4 issues) will not be distracted from the bug until Samsung has completed its investigation and remediation efforts. It is also not a one-time incident; several other users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation and desire a quick solution.


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