The controversial nationalist composer died in September.

The famous composer, known for his contributions to the music of Dragon Quest, died at the age of 90. This sad news was confirmed by publisher Square Enix confirmed on the series’ Japanese website. Sugiyama died on September 30, Square Enix said, of septic shock. Sugiyama has an essential role in the music scene, including the main theme, for every mainstream Dragon Quest role-playing game. Since 1986 the original. His first musical score for Enix, who later became the developers of Dragon Quest, was the 1985 World Golf game for computers commonly used at home. He composed the music for the next game in the series, Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate, before his death, Square Enix said.


Controversial political beliefs

besides music, Sugiyama’s legacy is tarnished by his controversial political beliefs. A staunch Japanese nationalist, Sugiyama was a notorious denier of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre – the horrible events of World War II. Japanese soldiers killed tens of thousands of Chinese soldiers and civilians during a six-week stay in the then Chinese capital. In 2007, Sugiyama will join other published nationalists in signing a letter to The Washington Post. He criticized the US government’s demands that Japan apologizes for exploiting women as sex slaves during the conflict.

In 2015, Sugiyama hosted a Japanese television show. He agrees with controversial politician Mio Sugita that Japan should not educate its youth on LGBTQ issues. The conversation also questioned the validity of the LGBTQ suicide rate and asked whether it is true that childless LGBTQ couples play a negative role in Japanese society. The composer will take back some of these comments, saying he supports the government’s support of the LGBTQ community.

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Fond memories

The legacy that Sugiyama left behind was undoubtedly diverse. Some people can’t feel his music in the same way after understanding his point of view and may experience it differently once again with his departure. The same impulse that drives people to buy the costly and popular Dragon Quest chess set can affect them in one way or another.

For now, condolences and respect roll one, and it’s deserved. The President of Square Enix expressed his condolences to the Sugiyama family in memory of Sugiyama leading the orchestra in playing the music for the Dragon Quest game. Without Sugiyama, the fate of Dragon Quest XII’s score is unknown.


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