Now, only iOS devices provide this feature, but the platform plans to make it available to other users in the future.

Twitter has added subtitles to voice tweets as part of the new feature. Users can add text to their voice tweets as a result of this. Voice Tweets are a unique way for users to express themselves on microblogging sites, limiting users to just 280 characters.

When compared to simple text, this functionality allows Twitter users to express more emotion with their tweets. It also allows visually impaired users, or anyone who prefers speech to type, to communicate in a non-intrusive way.

What is the best way to use Twitter voice tweets?

Click the CC button in the right corner of the voice tweet window to start the caption. This feature will also only be available for new voice tweets. Users can also add voice tweets to plain text to offer more context or for the visually impaired to understand what you’re saying.

What is the most appropriate way to listen to any voice tweet?

Users will be able to readily access and recognize voice Tweets because they will appear as audio clips. The sharer will be visible in the background of the voice tweet, making it easy to open or click. The tweet will begin to play after you press the play button.

Currently, only iOS devices provide this feature, but the platform plans to make it available to other users in the future.


That introduced the new feature last year, but it is now available to everyone. The feature was panned after it was released because it lacked captions. Nevertheless, captions are now available in voice tweets on the social networking platform.

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As a result, when users send a voice tweet, captions will be generated automatically in various languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Korean, and Italian.

“We’re rolling out automated captions for Voice Tweets to iOS as part of our continuous work to make Twitter accessible for everyone,” Gurpreet Kaur, Twitter’s head of worldwide accessibility, said in a statement.

This new function, according to Kaur, will not be ideal at first because it is the company’s new initiative to expand and increase accessibility around the world. She went on to say that they are excited to provide a truly inclusive service to the public.


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