The Galaxy Buds Pro has leaked again.

The Samsung Buds Pro wireless headphones were leaked a few days ago on Samsung’s own Galaxy Wearable app, indicating that the high-end TWS earphones would include advanced capabilities like Active Noise Cancellation and a replica of Apple’s Spatial Audio functionality. The Galaxy Buds Pro has been leaked once more. However, we receive even more information than the last leak this time, as a leaked photograph has revealed critical facts about the TWS headphones, including the pricing, battery life, and other Galaxy Buds Pro features(Ip rating of the Galaxy Buds Pro).

The latest leak comes from the Twitter user who handles Walking Cat. One of the most significant revelations in the latest leak is the Galaxy Buds Pro’s $199 price tag. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will cost $199 (approximately Rs 14,600) according to an overview image published on Twitter by WalkingCat, which is $30 (about Rs 2,200) more than the bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live.

The slide also shows that the Galaxy Buds Pro would include a 2-way speaker, similar to the Galaxy Buds Plus, and more robust Active Noise Cancellation, possibly dubbed ‘Intelligent Noise Cancellation’ by Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro’s ANC feature allows consumers to have more control over their experience. Conversation mode, background sounds, and level control are all included in the earphones.


IP X7 Rating

According to previous reports, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro would include spatial audio and IPX7 (galaxy buds pro IP rating) water protection. WalkingCat’s photos also suggest a new Galaxy Buds widget for Samsung devices.

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has a battery life of 8 hours of playtime and 4.5 hours of call time. The Galaxy Buds Pro will deliver an additional 15 hours of conversation time when used with the case. The Galaxy Buds Pro is expected to be unveiled alongside Samsung’s Galaxy S21 flagship series, which will arrive on January 14.

Galaxy Buds Pro IP Rating update

Users of the Galaxy S10 Lite with One UI 3.0 can get the stable version of the update. The original Galaxy Note essentially initiated the trend toward larger and larger displays, making the Galaxy Note line unmistakably distinctive and one of the few phone names that people outside of the tech world can recognize.

It received the new Samsung in-house skin around a week ago in some regions, but it has yet to be released in others. The listed features almost confirm that the Galaxy S21 Ultra would retain the same remote S Pen party tricks, such as using it to operate your camera and PowerPoint slides.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (SMG998B) recently got through the FCC, according to Android Authority.

Now it appears that the same firmware, which includes Samsung’s One UI 2.5 skin, is being rolled out to the general public.

Rumors have circulated that that might show the Galaxy S21 as early as January (perhaps a month earlier than the S20’s debut last year). Now it looks like some official teasers have leaked, revealing the S21’s distinctive design.

Unlike the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy S21 Ultra(galaxy buds pro IP rating) will not include a separate S Pen silo. One of the most significant revelations in the latest leak is the Galaxy Buds Pro’s $199 price tag.

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