Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra(s21 Bixby button) flagship smartphone line for 2021. The Galaxy S21 series supports 5G and comes pre-installed with Android 11 and One UI 3.1. With the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung wants to provide a next-level experience by bringing S Pen functionality to the Galaxy S series for the first time.

Are you intending to purchase the new Galaxy S21 but have no prior experience with Samsung’s flagships? In this instance, you may find it impossible to do some tasks, such as turning off or restarting the device. Because the Side button has replaced the Power button on recent Galaxy smartphones, the conventional method no longer works.

Here are a couple of different methods for restarting or turning off your Samsung Galaxy S21.

How to turn your Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, or S21 Ultra off

Using buttons on physical hardware

It is most likely the simplest method for turning off your Samsung Galaxy S21 with One UI 3.

1. Press and hold the Side button and the Volume Down key together until the power menu appears.

2. Select “Power off.”

3. To switch off your phone, press the Power off button once more. The device is currently going to shut down.

Continue pushing the Side button for a few seconds to turn your Galaxy S21 back on. When you turn the smartphone back on, you’ll see the Samsung logo.

You may also reboot or restart the Samsung Galaxy S21 in the same way. Continue the procedures above, but instead of pressing the Power Off button, press the “Restart” button.

Making Use of the Quick Panel

Samsung’s One UI Quick Panel includes a shortcut that allows you to turn off the device without using the power button. However, the power menu shortcut is no longer present in Quick Panel, as it was in One UI 2. In One UI 3, you can still use the shortcut, but it will require an extra tap. As a result,

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1. To access the notifications shade, swipe down from the top of your Galaxy S21’s screen.

2. To expand the Quick Panel shortcuts, tap the Quick Settings panel.

3. Next to the Search button, tap the “Power menu” shortcut in the top-right corner.

4. To accomplish the desired action, select Power off or Restart.

Change the behavior of the side buttons.

Pressing and holding the Side button on the Galaxy S21 launches Bixby rather than the Power Menu by default. If you rarely use Bixby or don’t like using a combination of physical buttons to switch off or restart your phone, you can modify the default action of the Side key.

Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Side Key to change the action of the Side button.


Select “Power off menu” instead of Wake Bixby under the “Press and hold” setting.


The Power off and restart options will appear when you hold down the Side key.

Using the s21 Bixby button as a personal assistant

Even if you don’t like Bixby, you may use it to reboot or shut down your Galaxy S21 Plus with Samsung Bixby. First, make sure Bixby is enabled, then launch it using the Side key or the Bixby app from the app drawer to get this to work.

Use voice commands like “Turn off my phone” or “Restart the device” after Bixby is up and running. Bixby will take care of the rest.

How can I force my Galaxy S21 to restart?

If your device freezes, becomes unresponsive or enters a boot loop for whatever reason, you may need to force shutdown or restart it. In this case, you can execute a force restart to restore the device to its original state.

To do so:

  1. Hold down the Volume Down and Side buttons simultaneously for about 20 seconds.
  2. Make sure you keep both buttons pressed until you see the Samsung logo on the boot screen.
  3. Wait for the smartphone to boot for over a minute fully.
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On the Samsung Galaxy S21, how do you remap the Bixby button?

Samsung is adamant about getting you to use its Bixby virtual assistant. On the other hand, Bixby is inferior to Google Assistant and Alexa in almost every way. Another issue is that Bixby’s default is linked to a long power button press. When you turn off or reboot your phone, this cannot be very clear.

To turn off or reboot your Galaxy S21, Press and hold the Power and volume buttons simultaneously. It is how you do it on an iPhone, and it can be a pain for some users.

Fortunately, you can remap the button, and it’s a simple process. You may also personalize what happens when you double-click the power button. Follow the steps below to either relocate Bixby to a new command or remove it completely.

On the Samsung Galaxy S21, how do you remap the Bixby button?

1. Go to Settings, and then scroll down to Advanced Features. that should tap it.

2. Locate the Side key and press it.

3. You may adjust the double-tap and long-press actions here. Select the power menu from the Press and hold section to restore it. You can remap it to a double press if you want to keep Bixby.

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