iPhone users often need help getting the most out of their battery life to use their phones without interruptions throughout the day. General tips for extending battery life are helpful, but taking specific steps to save battery power can make your iPhone’s battery even more efficient. This piece looks at five practical ways to save battery power. These include managing email fetch settings, removing widgets and unused apps, controlling location services, giving Wi-Fi more importance than cellular data, and closing background apps that aren’t being used. These tips let you maximize each charge and make your iPhone’s battery last longer.

  1. Change the settings for email fetching. Turn off push email. You should turn off the Push Email tool if you don’t want your iPhone to always check for new emails in real time. Checking for new emails manually or setting fetch times for accounts that aren’t essential can save a lot of battery life.
  2. Clean up your widgets and delete apps you don’t use.
  • Limit the number of widgets you use. Widgets make it easy to get information, but having too many widgets running at once can drain the battery. You might want to put only the widgets you often use on your Today View.
  • Get rid of apps you don’t use. Getting rid of apps you don’t use frees up space on your device and stops the background processes that come with those apps, which uses less energy.
  1. Control Location Services
  • Turn off Location Services You Don’t Need: Some apps constantly track your location, which uses up your power. Look at the apps that use location services and turn off this function for the ones that don’t need it. Options> Privacy > Location Services is where you can change your location options.
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  1. Give Wi-Fi more importance than cell phone data. • Connect to Wi-Fi networks: When Wi-Fi is available, use it instead of cellular internet. Wi-Fi uses less power than cellular data, which helps the battery last longer. Ensure that Wi-Fi Assist is turned off in Settings > Cellular so your phone doesn’t automatically switch to cellular data when the Wi-Fi connection is weak.
  2. Close background apps you aren’t using by double-clicking the Home button (or swiping up from the bottom of the screen if your iPhone doesn’t have a Home button): This brings up the App Switcher, which shows you which apps are running in the background. Swipe away the apps you’re not using to stop them from draining your battery.

To save battery power on your iPhone, you need to use general tips for extending battery life and specific actions designed to be as efficient as possible. You can get a lot more use out of your iPhone’s battery by managing email fetch settings, getting rid of widgets and apps you don’t use, limiting location services, giving Wi-Fi priority over cellular data, and closing background apps you don’t need. By saving battery life, you can keep your iPhone working longer without charging it often. Remember that every small step you take to save battery power on your iPhone makes it easier to use and helps you get more done.


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