The SOS feature on Samsung Galaxy devices would undoubtedly come in helpful in an emergency.

This feature(samsung sos feature) on your Samsung smartphone or wristwatch can help you raise an alert in the event of an unexpected event. Another advantageous feature is that it is simple to activate.

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ACCORDING TO A RECENT ARTICLE FROM SAMSUNG NEWSROOM UK, the SOS SMS feature has been available on Samsung Galaxy handsets since 2016. However, some users are completely unaware that it exists. It lets you transmit alert messages to authorities anytime you sense danger or other potentially dangerous situations are approaching. This is necessary since it allows you to send auto-calls and messages to four people on your device without dialing them. To use this feature, press the lock button three times. That will notify your contacts.

After that, your Samsung mobile will immediately send an SOS message to your contacts along with a Google map link to your location. Apart from that, it provides photographs from both the back and front cameras and a five-second audio recording.

How can I turn on the SOS feature?

It’s simple to activate the SOS feature on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or smartwatch. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

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On your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, how do you activate the SOS feature?

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.
    To activate SOS messages, go to Send SOSes and then hit the switch.
    You’ll be asked to add a contact in case of an emergency. You can add or create a connection by either making one or selecting from a list of references.
    On Samsung Galaxy cellphones, how do you activate the SOS feature?
  2. Go to the Settings menu.
    Select Send SOS messages from the Advanced Features menu.
    You can choose the recipient from your address book or create a new contact and include the recipient’s mobile phone number so they can get your message.

In an emergency, three quick taps of your power button will activate the feature, which will send photographs from your front and rear cameras to a list of emergency contacts. It also sends a message explaining that you require your precise position and an audio recording. But, because that must set up SOS before utilizing it, now is the best moment to do it.

Activate the SOS feature.

To begin, go to the “Privacy and Safety” option in your Galaxy’s settings menu. Select the “Send SOS messages” option from this menu. You’ll find it under Settings –> Advanced features –> Send SOS texts on recent Galaxy devices.

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Then, at the top of the screen, change the switch to “On,” then tick the box near the bottom of the next screen and press “Agree.”

Contacts in Case of Emergency

You’ll be asked to add at least one emergency contact who will receive your SOS messages at this point. On this box, tap “Add,” then select up to four contacts to add to your emergency contact list.

When you’re done here, tap “Done,” then press the top-right button to return to the previous screen.

You’ll have a chance to review the information transmitted if you ever use the SOS option at this point. You can choose to send photographs from both your front and back cameras, as well as an audio recording, to your emergency contacts.

Making Use of the SOS Function

You’ll need to use the stock Messaging app that comes pre-installed on your Galaxy S6 for this functionality to work correctly. In other words, the SOS feature will not operate if you’ve set a third-party messaging app as your primary SMS client.

Hit your Galaxy’s power button three times in rapid succession in the event of an emergency—it doesn’t matter if your screen is on or off for this to operate. At this point, you’ll get a continuous notification indicating SOS mode has been activated.

The SOS feature will then take photos with both your front and back cameras and record a snippet of the ambient sounds. It will then attach these files to a message that includes your precise location and the phrase “I need help,” and send it to all of your emergency contacts.


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