Samsung face recognition

Samsung has just released the Galaxy S22 series of smartphones, pre-loaded with the One UI 4.1 custom software shell based on Android 12. The smartphone comes with a slew of additional features and functions. However, we’ll show you how to use face recognition on your Samsung Galaxy S22 with One UI 4.1 in this article.

Face recognition is a simple and secure way to keep your phone secure. You can use the Face Recognition feature on the Samsung Galaxy S22 One UI 4.1 to unlock your phone with your Face and authenticate your identity in select apps, such as Samsung Pay.

A biometric identification approach employs facial and head measurements to authenticate a person’s identity using biometric patterns and data on their faces. Let’s look at how Samsung One UI 4.1 handles face recognition.

Face recognition in Samsung One UI 4.1 can be enabled in the following ways:

Register your Face indoors and out of direct sunlight for improved face registration.

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your phone.
  2. Biometrics and security are tapped.
  3. Face recognition comes into play.
  4. Continue after reading the on-screen instructions.
  5. Choose a screen lock option.
  6. Position your Face within the screen’s frame.
  7. The camera will scan your face.

How to use your Face to unlock the screen:

  1. Go to the Settings section of your phone.
  2. Biometrics and security are tapped.
  3. Face recognition with the eyes open.
  4. Use the default screen lock technique to unlock the screen.
  5. To turn it on, tap the Face unlock switch.
  6. Look at the screen on the locked screen.
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How to Delete the Face Data That Has Been Saved:

Remove face data and register your Face again if unlocking the screen with your Face isn’t working. That will remove all associated features if the registered Face is deleted.

  1. Navigate to your smartphone’s Settings.
  2. Biometrics and security are tapped.
  3. Go to the Face Recognition section.
  4. Use the default screen lock technique to unlock the screen.
  5. Remove facial data >> Remove is the option.


To improve face recognition, try the following:

When utilizing facial recognition, keep the following in mind.

  1. When registering, consider the conditions, such as wearing glasses, hats, masks, beads, other facial hair, orb a lot of makeup
  2. When registering, ensure you’re in a well-lit place with a clean camera lens
  3. For better match results, make sure your image isn’t fuzzy.
  4. Add a different appearance to improve facial recognition.


Before using facial recognition to unlock your device, keep the following concerns in mind.

  1. Someone or something that resembles your image may be able to unlock your device.
  2. Face recognition is insecure in comparison to Pattern, PIN, and Password.

Recognizing people by their faces

Facial recognition(Samsung face recognition) is a wonderful alternative for consumers and many business users since it is quick, simple, and convenient. Unlocking your device is almost instantaneous with facial recognition. It’s only a matter of angling your gadget toward your Face.

However, facial recognition has security drawbacks. That could fool authentication with a snapshot of the user if the facial recognition software does not map the user’s Face in three dimensions. The advanced fingerprint authentication alternatives presented below have a higher FAR than even sophisticated facial recognition technology.

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Furthermore, false negatives can occur in facial recognition due to spectacles, makeup, or simply differing ambient lighting. Organizations that handle sensitive data might use fingerprint scanning for added security.