Samsung Galaxy S22 series is finally here, and there are three models to choose from: the Galaxy S22, which is the smallest; the Galaxy S22 Plus, which is more extensive; and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is the biggest. All 3 phones are packed with features(screenshot s22), including everything you’d expect from Android 12 and Samsung’s One UI 4 layer on top. If you have never used an Android phone before or need a refresher, we’ll show you how to record or take a picture of the screen on the Galaxy S22.

If you’ve recently used a Samsung phone or tablet, this won’t be too surprising since the options and steps are mostly the same as any other One UI device. But compared to some other Android phones, the Galaxy S22 series has different ways to capture or record the screen. You can also change how screenshots and recordings are made and saved in the system settings.

1. Record the screen on a Galaxy S22

Compared to a simple screenshot, there are fewer ways to start a new screen. First thing you can do is tap the “Screen recorder” tile in the quick settings menu near your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings. It may be the default on your device. Press the three-dot icon at the top right of the settings panel, tap the “Edit” button, and drag “Screen recorder” to the available control. If you have the voice assistant Bixby turned on, you can also say, “Hey Bixby, start screen recording.”

No matter how you start the process, the Galaxy S22 will ask you if you want to record without sound, with media sound (like audio from apps and games), or with the sound of your microphone and media. Then you tap “Start recording,” and you’re done.


2. Taking a screenshot of a Galaxy S22 series

Pressing the volume down button and the power button simultaneously is the easiest way to take a screenshot. It will take a picture of the whole screen at once. But there are a few other ways to take a screenshot.

Touch gestures are the other easy way to do this, and they should be on by default unless you turn them off. You can check this by opening settings app and searching for “Palm swipe.” With feature, you can take a screenshot by dragging the edge of your hand across the screen, either from left to right or right to left. About as long as pressing both buttons at the same time.

If you have Google Assistant set up, you can say, “OK, Google, take a screenshot.” Saying “Hey Bixby, take a screenshot” works the same way for Samsung’s voice assistant. But both of these ways take longer than pressing a button combination or making a hand gesture.

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When you take a screenshot with most of these methods, a toolbar with a few more options shows up at the bottom of the screen—a button with an arrow pointing down lets you scroll for taller screen capture. A share button lets you share with one tap to any app that can use an image, and a hashtag button lets you add tags to keep things organized. There is also a crop button, so if you only need a part of a screenshot, you don’t have to look for the photos app and open the image from there.

Because the Galaxy S22 Ultra has an S Pen, there are other ways to take a screenshot. Tap “Smart select” in the menu when you take the S Pen out of the phone. Then you can outline the area you want to capture, which is saved as a screenshot. Useful.

The Galaxy S22 series also has a Samsung DeX that lets you use your phone’s apps in multi-window mode (like a desktop computer) on another screen. Most of the above ways don’t work to take screenshots of your DeX desktop, but there’s a button on the right side of the taskbar. You can take a screenshot of your DeX desktop screen right away by pressing this button, or you can hold it down (or click it) to see other options.

3. Change the Galaxy S22 series’ screen settings and record the screen

Under “Screen capture and screen recorder” in the advanced features section of the Settings app, there are several options for capturing and recording the screen. Here, you can turn on or off the popup toolbar, delete screenshots that have been shared automatically, and change the format of screenshots that have been saved (PNG or JPG). There is also an option to hide the status and navigation bar in your screenshots. It is helpful if you want a clean-looking image without clearing all your notifications.

When you turn on the feature to record your screen, you can change the default settings for voice input, video file quality, and the size of your selfie camera. Most of the essential options are in the first window that pops up when you start recording your screen, so there isn’t much left to chance in system settings.


Samsung Galaxy S22

On the Samsung Galaxy S22, there isn’t just one way to take high-quality screenshots. As you know below, there are many ways to do the job. So that you don’t have to wait any longer, let’s look at the choices:

1. Using Palm Gestures

This way of taking screenshots is a lot like turning the pages of a book. You can take a screenshot by swiping your hand from the right side of the screen to the left side. Other than getting your work done and getting screenshots, the only good thing about this way is that it’s a lot more fun than any other way. Most of the time, though, not at all comfortable. Most of the time, the phone doesn’t read your movements correctly, so there’s a good chance it won’t work. It is why we always prefer and recommend using the two options above.

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2. Three Finger Gesture

One of the most remarkable ways to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S22 is to use three fingers to swipe down the screen in a highly complex way. For people who already use their phones a lot, this is one of the most remarkable ways to take a screenshot on Galaxy S22. You just put three fingers below the screen and move them highly complexly. then, you can take a Screenshot by swiping down from top to bottom with three fingers.

It is probably the best way to take screenshots when you only have one hand. But sometimes, that doesn’t work, and you may have to scroll up for a long time. Even though this can be frustrating, it’s still a good thing to do.

3. Take screenshots with Google Assistant

Using Google Assistant is the first easy way to take a screenshot of the Galaxy Samsung S22. People who talk or make calls on their phones are more likely to use Google Voice Assistant. After turning on your Google Assistant, you should say, “OK, Google, take a screenshot.” That will be enough for the assistant to understand and get the screenshot. And that’s the end of it. There are a lot of screenshots of the phone screen in the storage on your phone. You might need to check where your phone’s storage is going for Screenshots or other media. Most Galaxy phones have a separate folder called “Screenshots,” where screenshots go.

4. How to Use the Button

It’s easy to take a screenshot with the volume button and the power button. You only need to hold down the Power and Volume buttons simultaneously.
It is the most common way to take a screenshot because it only takes seconds. But it might be hard for people who are left-handed or can’t use both hands at once when taking screenshots. There are, luckily, other choices (like the one above using Google Assistant).

Here are some easy ways to take layer captures or record layers. Hopefully, one of these will solve your problem. Thank you for visiting.


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