Samsung s21 problems-Even the best phones can indeed have issues, and there’s nothing more frustrating than bugs or issues that you can’t seem to fix. Don’t worry if your Galaxy S21 isn’t working correctly and you’re tearing your hair out. We’ve compiled a list of the most common Galaxy phone issues and solutions.

Lag when zooming or switching modes

Many Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra users reported poor camera performance, and some noted it after a recent update. Some users report significant lag when switching between camera modes or zooming. Samsung acknowledged the issue months later.


A June firmware update fixed the issue. The update seems to have fixed the problem for most users, though some users are still reporting issues.

An issue with battery life:

The Galaxy S21 has a 4,000mAh battery, the S21 Plus has a 4,800mAh battery, and the Ultra has a 5,000mAh battery. After a recent update, some users reported issues with the S21 battery draining faster than expected. Most reports say the camera app drains the battery when the phone is idle, and Samsung has yet to fix the issue. Go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery and look at the Battery Usage graph. You can check if your camera or other apps are draining your battery excessively.


Always make sure your phone has the latest firmware and try disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location services.

So many recommended battery fixes involve screens. Three settings can help extend battery life and are all found in Settings. You can change these settings as you wish. If one set doesn’t work, try another, and so on.

There’s also Always On Display and adaptive refresh rate. Adaptive refresh rate allows your phone to refresh its screen up to 120 times per second, allowing smoother menu scrolling. It is the number of pixels per inch (PPI) your screen can use. A battery-friendly HD+ mode is available on the S21 Ultra. It also shows you notifications and the time even when your screen is off.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Show
  3. Smooth motion.
  4. Toggle 60Hz Refresh Rate and apply.
  5. Then tap Screen resolution in the Display settings.
  6. Move the slider and tap Apply.
  7. Tap Back to return to the main menu.
  8. Touch screen to lock.
  9. Toggle Always On Display.

Note: If your new phone still only gives you a few hours of screen time, try clearing the cache. Then contact Samsung for a repair or return your phone for a replacement.


Galaxy S21 multitasking overheats

Notably, many users have complained about the Galaxy S21 overheating(samsung s21 problems) while multitasking or downloading system updates. Problems appear even when doing simple tasks like watching a YouTube video while browsing the web. Initially, it seemed to be a 5G issue, but users report it persists even when cellular data is disabled.

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Samsung fixed this in June, along with the camera lag. Don’t leave it plugged in unattended or overnight if your phone still overheats after the update. If you’re worried, you can contact Samsung or return your phone for a refund.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s touchscreen doesn’t always work.

Problems with the S21 Ultra touchscreen registering input can be highly frustrating. Users have reported issues with the fingerprint sensor and double or triple tapping to get the phone to respond.


If this happens to you, keep in mind that the phone comes with a built-in screen protector. Unaware that a screen protector was already on the phone, some users reported issues. If you’re going to install a new screen protector, remove the one that came with the phone.

Also, make sure your phone has the latest updates and that you aren’t in a hot or cold environment that may affect the fingerprint scanner’s sensitivity. If you still have issues, contact Samsung support.

Also, enable Touch Sensitivity.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Show.
  3. Toggle Touch Sensitivity on if it isn’t already.

The fingerprint sensor is broken.

The Samsung Galaxy S21’s fingerprint sensor can become unresponsive. You may find that multiple fingerprint scans fail or that your fingerprint reader is slow. In-screen fingerprint sensors have a terrible reputation, but they’ve improved steadily.


First, check for a screen protector that may be causing the issue. Remove your screen protector and test the fingerprint sensor. Others are not as compatible with fingerprint sensors.

Always keep your fingers clean and dry. Also, make sure the screen is clean and dry. That’s always the best strategy. If that doesn’t work, try reprogramming your fingerprints.

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Toggle Biometrics and Security.
  3. Tap Fingerprints.
  4. Update your security code.
  5. Removing fingerprints in Step 5
  6. Tap Add Fingerprint to re-register yours.

Screen touches by accident.

The Galaxy S21 phones(samsung s21 problems) all have large screens, which means you may accidentally touch your phone screen. Samsung provides a simple way to avoid sending gibberish text messages or accidentally launching apps.


Samsung created software to help with this.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Show.
  3. Turn on Accidental Touch Protection.


Samsung Pay doesn’t work, and the phone isn’t updated

If you live in the United States and read this, you are probably unaffected. However, some users in the UK and Italy had issues using Samsung Pay on their new devices, and those affected had not received software updates. The problem appears to be caused by a misconfigured CSC.

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The CSC is a region or country code that enables certain phone features. So, if your phone has a CSC for one region and you set it up in another, you won’t get official software updates, and some features won’t work.

Some S21 Ultra users reported(samsung s21 problems) Samsung Pay not working. Again, this appears to be affecting UK users who either installed the app and found it unusable or couldn’t find it in the Galaxy Store. In some cases, users report being told they must wait for the app to be available for their device.


A user in the UK received a fix, and reports from Italy suggest the company is rolling out a spot there as well. If you’re having trouble with your phone, follow the steps in this thread.

If Samsung Pay isn’t working, try the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Apps
  3. press Samsung Pay.
  4. Tap Storage.
  5. Clear Cache and Data.
  6. Start your device.

freezes and reboots

It’s inconvenient if your phone(samsung s21 problems) freezes while you’re trying to text or pay, or worse, restarts entire while you’re on a call. Some users reported freezing phones and continuing in safe mode on the Samsung Forum. Apps are also randomly crashing, as reported by more users after the latest Android 12 update.


For now, try wiping the cache partition, which does not delete any data. Follow these steps:

  1. Shut down your phone.
  2. Hold the Volume and Side keys until the Android logo appears.
  3. Select Wipe Cache Partition from the Android Recovery Menu by pressing the Volume Down key and selecting the Side key.
  4. Press Volume Down to select Yes, then choose with Side.
  5. After wiping the cache partition, click Reboot System Now.
  6. Set the phone to sleep mode.
  7. If the issue persists, try backing up your data and performing a factory reset. If this doesn’t work, contact Samsung for a repair or replacement as this could be a hardware or OS issue.

No matter how much you know about your phone, asking for help never hurts. If your issue isn’t listed or the solutions provided don’t work, you should contact the manufacturer. You can get Samsung via online chat, phone, or in-store.


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