Samsung s21 expandable storage

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has leaked ahead of its expected January 14 debut. In the United States, the handset will be equipped with the Snapdragon 888, which was previously disclosed, and the Exynos 2100, which Samsung will unveil on January 12. For the first half of 2021, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will remain Samsung’s flagships, at least until a new Galaxy Z and Galaxy Note smartphone is released. expanded storage on the Samsung S21.

Roland Quandt and Evan Blass have published several renders of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, featured here. The Galaxy S21 Ultra, unsurprisingly, has a similar style to the rest of the Galaxy S21 series, which has also seen mockups this week. According to Quandt, Samsung will exclusively sell 5G versions of the Galaxy S21 Ultra in Europe. These SKUs will have storage capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB, but only 12 GB of RAM. This year’s model also doesn’t have expandable storage(Samsung s21 expandable storage).

As a result, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has less RAM and no microSD card slot than its predecessor. It does, however, feature Samsung’s new 108 MP ISOCELL HM3 sensor, as well as two 10 MP telephoto cameras and a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle camera. There’s also a 40-megapixel selfie camera on the front, which appears to be comparable to the one found in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s leaked specifications are summarized here. Other notable features include:

  • A smaller display.
  • A higher total weight.
  • Fewer color options.
  • Minor video recording upgrades such as 8K at 30 frames per second.
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Samsung will not provide a charger with the Galaxy S21 Ultra or any of the Galaxy S21 series cellphones in Europe, according to Quandt. Either headphones or a case will be included. Pre-orders for the Galaxy S21 Ultra should be available by the end of January.


The option of expanding storage was eliminated, most likely to keep costs where they are now.

When looking at the specifications page for the Galaxy S21 range, you’ll see that consumers don’t have the option to expand their existing capacity. In other words, no matter which model you pre-order from now on, you’ll have to be careful with your storage. that can no longer insert a microSD card. Customers who seek to upgrade from the Galaxy S20 will see this as a missing feature and, as a result, a downgrade.

If you haven’t noticed, Samsung isn’t charging you as much as when the Galaxy S20 series was released in 2020. Whether you like it or not, seeing the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra offered at lower costs than their immediate predecessors is welcome. Customers don’t get to design their ideal flagship smartphone in a perfect world, so you’ll have to settle for what the firm makes and sells.

Another cost-cutting approach taken by Samsung was to limit the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus to variants with 8GB LPDDR5 RAM. Last year that could customize the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus with up to 12GB LPDDR5 RAM, so if you’re planning to upgrade in the coming weeks, that’s another disadvantage. On the good side, you’ll have 128GB of storage to work with, including all versions. It’s more than adequate for most people, but if you plan on putting your whole media library on these flagships, you’ll need to upgrade to a larger storage tier.

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