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IP rating for tab s7, Samsung is one of the few companies currently producing high-end Android tablets. It has a field to itself, and even though the tablet market is in decline, Samsung is dedicated to this format.

That’s why the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+, the company’s future( flagship tablet, will be available in two models. They would be fantastic devices with cutting-edge mobile technology, but one downside would make them not great. The lack of tab s7 IP rating is the reason.

tab s7 IP certification

The advantages of having IP certification on Samsung’s flagship tablets have been discussed for a long time. The Galaxy Tab S7, on the other hand, won’t grant that wish. Today, we are exclusively rolling out the specifications of the Galaxy Tab S7+, which includes the absence of an IP rating. The same can be said for the Galaxy Tab S7.

tab s7 features

One of the features(tab s7 IP rating) we’d like to see from this new flagship tablet is dust and water resistance. The IP rating is seen on some of Samsung’s high-end and mid-range smartphones. However, Samsung’s tablet portfolio has not benefited from this. Samsung could quickly achieve this but doesn’t seem interested.

The IP rating will help its flagship tablet stand out from the rest. It would be a valuable upgrade to the tablet’s capabilities and a significant selling feature. With a tablet, there’s a lot you can do. A high-end camera system is impossible because no one uses a tablet for photography, which would increase the price excessively. Why not take advantage of this easy result?

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The value that the user will get from this function will be enormous. Consider that for a moment. Even if you are floating in the pool, you can use your tablet. There will be no disturbing idea in your mind that if your tablet falls into water, it will die. It’s the same when you’re at the beach, or it’s raining (though you may have your reasons for soaking in the rain while watching something on your tablet).

What do you do when your child spills something while watching their favourite cartoon on your tablet(tab s7 IP rating) and gives you a mild heart attack? For example, if it happened to your Galaxy S20, you could ignore it, but if it happened to your $650 tablet, your heart would stop beating.

With a premium tablet that costs the same price, Samsung will benefit customers more. It could be if Apple wants to offer iPad owners who aren’t too invested in the Apple ecosystem a reason to make the switch.

We already know that this won’t be the case with the Galaxy Tab S7(tab s7 IP rating), so we can forgo dust and water-resistant tablets for at least another year. As do many other Samsung fans, we hope that Samsung will change its mind and make it happen.


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