WhatsApp app has provided a new feature that allows users to join a group video or voice call if they missed it. In addition, if the call drops, customers will be able to reconnect with the call using this functionality if the call is still active.

Only one participant could add another person to the video/voice call. Users will also be able to find out who is calling and who has been invited but not joined. “If you hit ‘ignore,’ you can join later from the calls tab in WhatsApp,” the business said.


How to join a missed WhatsApp video/voice call

Step 1: Go to the “Calls” tab in WhatsApp.

Step 2: If the call is still in progress, tap it to see all call data.

Step 3:¬†Select “Join call” from the drop-down menu.

According to WhatsApp, only eight individuals can join a video conference at a time, and you can’t delete someone from an existing call.

According to the business, this capability is now available to all Android and iOS users.

According to a statement released by WhatsApp, “We’re introducing the option to join a group call after it’s already started today. Joinable calls eliminate the need to answer a group call as soon as it begins, bringing the spontaneity and ease of in-person talks to WhatsApp group calling.”

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