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It is becoming increasingly necessary to have security on your phone(Samsung safe folder). Cybersecurity dangers are becoming more prevalent in the day-to-day lives of technology users, and even a physical theft of your smartphone might put all of the information you keep on it at risk: photos, pins, passwords, texts, bank accounts, and so on. We spend a lot of time on our phones.

Through Secure Folder, Samsung knows how to best secure its users. If you’ve ever held a South Korean brand terminal in your hands, you’ve probably noticed on the desktop an icon called Secure Folder that, at first sight, goes unnoticed. Its operation and utility to the user entail much more than you might assume.

This feature is included in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, one of the most recent and intriguing mobile terminals. The Z Flip 3 is a foldable smartphone with 5G capabilities that revolutionizes mobile. These smartphones have a one-of-a-kind design in the industry, with Samsung being the first firm to reach the milestone of delivering the first folding smartphone and the highest level of protection thanks to the Secure Folder and Knox Vault.

Secure Folder provides maximum security.

The Secure Folder will allow us to maintain all of the material and private applications that you save in it, such as images, contacts, information, and so on, by using biometric data such as our fingerprint. Biometric data and Samsung Knox Vault, a mix of hardware and software embedded into your Samsung with the primary goal of protecting you, safeguarding anything you put there.

Samsung Knox Vault is a group of processors that work for and for security, encrypting, protecting information, photographs, and so on. They have nothing to do with the leading mobile CPU.

Applications, calendars, internet data, contacts, and so on can all be duplicated—everything you want to keep safe. According to Samsung, it’s a kind of “safe parallel life” in phones. You may also change the icon and replace it with another software, like a video game, to make that Folder look like another app.

How do I turn it on?

We’ll have to activate it, but don’t worry, it’s a straightforward process. We must go to our Samsung device’s Settings and pick the option “Biometric data and security,” where we will discover the option “Secure Folder,” which is as simple as pressing “Continue.” Once we’ve completed this step, we must secure our fingerprint, pin, or pattern so that only we have access to it. We urge that you choose a different password than usual and that you never repeat your password, just in case they manage to gain access once.

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It’ll be as simple as clicking Add once we’re in the Folder, and we’ll be able to choose which applications or files we wish to safeguard in our Secure Folder. We can also conceal the Folder so that no one can see it on our desktop or application drawer. To do so, navigate to the Folder’s settings and pick the Hide option under the Show Secure Folder option.


Making a backup copy of our Secure Folder is helpful because that will store it in the cloud and is impossible to lose. To do so, open the Folder, go to Settings, and select Copy and restore from the drop-down menu. It will prompt us to sign in using our Samsung account, after which we will select Backup data from the secure Folder and select all of the files we wish to save. Depending on our connection, it will take a little longer or less time.

What is Samsung safe folder, and why is it used?

It will turn off all third-party apps on your smartphone. Only enable pre-installed apps, which will be reinstalled when SafeMode is turned off. It’s like after you’ve reset your phone. (There will be no data loss.) deactivate only) When you get the message “Screen overlay Detected,” or if you want to check for Virus Apps, Mic, Sound Not Working, or Slow Down, you can boot into safe mode.

What to do when you’re in safe mode:

The goal of Safe Mode is to help you debug Android and figure out why it isn’t working correctly. After you’ve resolved the issue, you can return to regular use of Android by restarting it.

In Samsung Galaxy Folder, turn on safe mode by following these steps:

1. The following are the steps you must take:

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2. Disconnect your Samsung Galaxy Folder from the internet.

3. Hold down the Power Button.

4. Press and hold the Volume Down key while releasing the Power button.

5. Press and hold the Volume Down key.

6. Unlock your Samsung Galaxy Folder by releasing the Volume Down key.

Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Folder first.

To begin, you must first switch off your Samsung Galaxy Folder. Hold the Power Button for a few seconds, then select the option to switch off your Samsung Galaxy Folder as indicated below.

Step 2: Press and hold the Power Button for a few seconds.

  • After turning off your device, press and hold the Power Button to turn it back on.

Step 3: Press and hold the Volume Down key while releasing the Power button.

  • After turning on your Samsung Galaxy Folder, press and hold the Volume Down key until the Samsung Galaxy logo appears on your screen, or wait for the first light to come on your screen.
  • Remember to release the power button before pressing the Volume down key because you can only press one button at a time.

Step 4: Press and hold the Volume Down key.

  • Please press and hold the Volume Down key for a few seconds until the phone finishes resetting and the Lock Screen shows.
  • As depicted in the image below.
  • Then check to see if the Safe Mode icon is visible in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Step 5: To unlock your Samsung Galaxy Folder, release the Volume Down key.

  • Release the Volume down key once the Lock Screen and Safe Mode have appeared.
  • You may now use the lock screen to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Galaxy. On your Samsung Galaxy Galaxy, you have now successfully enabled Safe Mode.

There is another method accessible.

  • Hold down the Power button until you get the Power off box prompt.
  • Hold the Power button down until the Safe mode prompt appears.
  • Tap Safe mode to confirm. (If you’re having trouble with Volume Down, try this).


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